Project 365 (April)

Ugh! This month was dry for photography, but it was not for lack of good weather (which was gorgeous), or great subject matter (which there seemed to be plenty). I’ve just been caught up with mom stuff, part-time student stuff, amateur gardening stuff…life stuff. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things in May. 

Quinn & Family

My first ever infant photoshoot! Quinn and his lovely family were one of the two winners of my Photoshoot Give Away. I’m grateful to have had such a precious opportunity to spend time with them in their home and to capture some of these moments. 

Around We Go

The other day I was taking photographs of Noah on the park merry-go-round for the nth time, but it was made much more interesting by a gaggle of kids spinning it round, laughing and just having a ball. Later when I spoke to the mom, she actually recognized me from some of my photography promotions on Facebook. What a crazy small world. So happy to meet Geraldine, her kids and their friends, who made my picture-taking day all the more enjoyable.

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