I can’t tell you how many times I have photographed Noah in parks…and often it’s the same one, right around the corner from our apartment. I’m beginning to ache for new settings and subjects. Still, I somehow manage to find a few unexplored angles to exploit, so not all is lost. 

Project 365 (January)

I have to be honest, January was a little rough on me. Lots of little things…family things, health things, life things…compounded one on top of the other and made for a heavy month. One little bright star in the darkness was a project I joined along with a couple of lady photographer friends. It’s called Project 365, and the challenge is to take pictures every day for a year, and then to post one a day on our shared photo-cloud. Thanks to the project and my clickin’ friends, I can walk away from January proud of the things I made this month, even though sometimes I felt like I wasn’t even capable of making dinner. Here is a little selection of January’s pics. Thanks Kristy and Jamie for starting this and having me along for the ride!
(P.S. can you tell I spend a lot of time with our son?)

Leah Turns Two

So this was my first ever ‘official’ birthday party shoot, not just one that I crashed with my camera. No, no… this one I was actually invited to! It was a party in three parts, with a few family photos to start, some play time for the kids in the gym, and then the traditional celebration of cake and presents at the end. Lots of fun, some technical challenges to keep it interesting and overall a wonderful experience.

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